VCharge Financing

Helping to raise start-up funding for a renewable energy company

CLIENT |  VCharge Incorporated


V-Charge, a start-up renewable energy project, required financing to launch the company and test its products and approaches.


We helped provide V-Charge with contacts, strategies, messaging and introductions which enabled them to successfully raise early stage funding to pilot its technology.


Successful fund raising, whether for non-profits or for-profits requires clear and compelling case statements and networking within the world of potentially interested individuals and institutions.


Partridge Foundation | Individual Investors

As one of the most sophisticated providers of demand-side grid management, VCharge needed someone with Conkling’s understanding of the technology, economics, and public policy of the energy sector.

Philip has helped us craft and communicate our message to customers and partners in the electricity industry.
— George Baker | Founder and CEO, VCharge