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With a background in both conservation and business, Philip Conkling launched the Island Institute in 1983, where he served as its leader for 30 years. During his tenure, Philip served as the founding publisher of Island Journal and the author of Islands in Time and the founding publisher and editor for The Working Waterfront circulated monthly to 65,000 readers along the coast of Maine and across the country.

More recently, Conkling’s book, The Fate of Greenland – Lessons from Abrupt Climate Change won the Phi Beta Kappa best science book of the year in 2011. Recently has become a contributing editor to Maine magazine.

Conkling currently serves on the board of Fox Island Wind, a community wind power company that has brought energy independence to the communities of Vinalhaven and North Haven off the coast of Maine. Philip’s formal education includes a B.A from Harvard University (1970) and a M.F.S. from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (1976) and in 2013 was awarded an honorary doctorate from Bowdoin College.


Peter Ralston has photographed the coast of Maine since 1978, drawn especially to the working communities that define coastal Maine’s character. Peter’s work has appeared in countless books and magazines and has also been featured on network television and exhibited in galleries, collections and museums throughout the United States and abroad.

In 2003 Peter was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree at Colby College in recognition of his photographic contributions as well as his role as co-founder of the Island Institute. Peter is currently working on a major book about Penobscot Bay, Maine, and overseeing the management of Ralston Gallery, Rockport, Maine.

For more details about Peter’s work, visit  www.ralstongallery.com


Paige is responsible for the “look and feel” for all of our clients’ communication materials. Paige began her career at MPBN-TV where she developed advertising and graphics for television and radio shows. She then worked at Camden Communications Inc., as its art and production director as the company launched multiple trade publications for the computer industry. In the early 1990s, Paige helped launch and became a principal at Parker Taylor & Co., which launched ImagingWorld (IW), an IT publication now known as KMWorld. As art director for IW, Parker oversaw magazine design and production and developed graphics for trade shows and media kits.

More recently, Paige has worked with a variety of non-profit clients, including the Horizons program and Youth Arts in the Camden and Rockport school systems. At the Island Institute, she was responsible for the design and production of a variety of publications including Holding Ground, the Best of Island Journal 1984-2004Lobsters Great and Small, the third edition of Islands in Time and the materials for Sustaining A Way of Life capital campaign.


Bridget Leavitt is a marketing and design consultant, focused on getting local business up and running in the virtual world and developing print materials for distribution. From logos and brochures to web design and Facebook pages, Bridget helps small business develop branding ideas and navigate the ways of web, print and social media.

In her previous role as publication director at the Island Institute, she had major responsibility for graphic design, pre-press production, and print management for advertisements, brochures, membership materials, booklets, books, and exhibit/display pieces and produced a vast collection of tasteful, effective print and web-based materials while managing print buying, securing high-quality work at the most competitive price within agreed-upon budgets. In addition to her current work, she also serves as a Knox County Adviser for the Maine Community Foundation.


  • Along the Archipelago – Essays and Observations from Maine’s Islands and Working Waterfront
  • From Cape Cod to the Bay of Fundy: Environmental Atlas of the Gulf of Maine
  • Green Island Green Sea: A Foraging Guide to the Islands of Maine
  • Hurricane Island: The Town That Disappeared – Introduction
  • Island Journal – Island Institute (Volumes 1-29)
  • Islands in Time: A Natural and Cultural History of the Islands of Maine
  • Lobsters Great and Small: How Fishermen and Scientists are Changing our Understanding of a Maine Icon (with Anne Hayden)
  • Penobscot: Forest River Bay
  • Sightings: A Maine Coast Odyssey by Peter Ralston
  • The Fate Of Greenland – Lessons from Abrupt Climate Change
  • Where the Mountains Meet the Sea: The History of Camden and Rockport Area 1900 – 2000