Maine Green Line Outreach

Peter Ralston

Peter Ralston

Including community input to minimize impact from a renewable energy project

CLIENT | Maine Green Line


The Maine Green Line is a large renewable energy project that proposes to deliver energy from new wind farms in northern Maine and hydro from Canada to the growing demand for “green energy” in southern New England. Maine Green Line will deliver the energy via a long distance high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line that will be buried below ground and submerged under the Gulf of Maine from Penobscot Bay, Maine to Plymouth, Massachusetts.


We serve as a convener and communication channel with the marine industry, environmental non-profits and community stakeholder groups from whom the project relies on input to determine the final route and means of minimizing impacts.


Large scale renewable energy projects have the potential to benefit many, but need to be carefully and transparently planned in order to succeed.


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