Island and Climate Media

Hell's Half Acre  - Peter Ralston

Hell's Half Acre - Peter Ralston

Collecting islanders’ stories from the front lines of climate change

CLIENT | Yale University Press


Yale University Press has contracted with Philip Conkling to publish the book, The American Archipelago — What America’s Islands Can Tell Us About Climate Change. The project is based on the proposition that islanders are on the front lines of the consequences of a changing climate and that the scale and pace of the threats to their communities are greater than ever before.


To provide background research and media leverage for the book project, we are collaborating with the Conservation Media Group (CMG) to bring together island leaders and organizations from around the country and pair them with strategists and filmmakers to develop video campaigns to create action in the oceans & energy challenges these island communities face.


Today’s media environment is complex, requiring authors, publishers and media professionals to develop innovative strategies to insure that important conservation stories gain wide circulation.


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