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Maine Magazine recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, publishing stories that highlight Maine’s leading entrepreneurs, environmentalists, visionaries and artists.


Philip Conkling has served as Contributing Editor of Maine magazine since 2013, covering some of the most dynamic personalities across the state, often shining a light on clients and partner organizations.


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Cianbro Corporation | Maine Wild Blueberry Association | Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership | ReVision Energy | Herring Gut Learning Center

Philip has spent nearly all of his working life listening intently to what his fellow Mainers have to say. Through those patient and enduring efforts, Philip has made hundreds of friends in every region of our state. When we assign Philip a story for Maine magazine, we know we will get more than well considered words on a page. He delivers to our readers an informed, well researched look at how our state works. Philip lets us in on his well established relationships and we are always better off from the opportunity.
— Kevin Thomas | Publisher and CEO, Maine Magazine